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What Does a Bad DIY Exterior Painting Job Look Like in Houston, TX? Cracking or Peeling Paint & More

Many processes have their problems. The exterior paint on your home is no exception. The good news is that the problems associated with painting the exterior of your home can be significantly reduced if you paint correctly. What are these problems you may ask? To help you avoid them, Arrows Painting & Renovations lists the…

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Bathroom Tile Remodeling Ideas in Houston, TX; Natural Stone or Manmade Tile Flooring, Shower Enclosure & Backsplash

There are some areas of the house people want to commonly spend time and money on renovating and remodeling. The remodeling of these areas are often the parts of the house that a prospective buyer is looking to have complete. The more complete these areas are, the more your home can sell for and the…

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Bathroom Shower Remodeling Designs in Houston, TX; High Pressure Showerheads, Tub Conversions, Frameless Doors, Steam & More

Taking on any home improvement project can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be a stressful one. Investing your hard earned money, time, and sometimes sweat, blood, and tears are part of the price; especially if you attempt to some or all of the work yourself. Remodeling your shower is very beneficial because…

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Do you Need Hardie Board, Clapboard, Masonite, Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel & Cedar Wood Siding Repair, Replacement or a Painting Makeover in Houston TX?

This time of year is a great time to inspect the outside of your home, including your siding, for the upcoming warmer weather. Winter storms have taken their toll and now is a good time to determine if your siding needs a makeover, storm damage repairs or complete replacement. Do you Need to Repair or…

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