Kitchen Remodel Design & Layout Tools, Options & Ideas for Your Home in Spring TX

Remodeling a home can be a fun and exciting adventure. Making it more befitting of your current style and of course improving modern conveniences is a great to express yourself. But it is often a stressful task as well if you try to take it on by yourself! Despite the multiple rooms on your renovation list, we will start with the kitchen. Before appliances, cabinetry and other needs are met, you need to find the style of kitchen more suited to your desires.

Arrows Painting & Remodeling would like to briefly relate your kitchen design options from the most popular trends.

1. Country Farmhouse Kitchen Design. With great comfort and a real authentic homey feel, a farmhouse kitchen could be right for you. Open shelving, wider sinks, classic floors and convenient appliances give you the best of both worlds. An efficient running kitchen, with the old school farmhouse appeal.
2. Rustic Kitchen Remodel. With earthy tones and worn and distressed-like features, the rustic kitchen is charming. Generally engineered in timber, bricks, and stone, the rustic appliances are usually set in a vintage design and complemented with a cozy fireplace. Rustic kitchens have modern conveniences, but still have a quaint feel and design.
3. Modern Kitchen Interior Design. Though there are quite a few different ideas of modern kitchens, the general style is frameless cabinets, adorned with hardware that is simple, yet sleek, natural but elegant surfaces that shine through, and of course all of the modern appliances.
4. Traditional Kitchen Remodel. Traditional kitchens are frequently known for their detailed touches. Corbels and moldings with unique designs, raised panel cabinets, beautiful arches, antique furnishings and elegant chandeliers. Traditional kitchens have a little something for everybody’s tastes.
5. Contemporary Kitchen Design. Similar to the modern kitchen, the contemporary kitchen shares a poised and polished design but contemporary kitchens bring a playful side to the style and also incorporates other style flares.
6. Transitional Kitchen Designs. A cross between traditional and contemporary, this look gives you the simplicity of the contemporary look, yet warmth and comfort of a traditional kitchen. For those who are attracted to both designs, going with the transitional kitchen might be your choice.
7. Craftsman Kitchen Design. A cross between the Victorian and modern kitchen, this kitchen has the rich warm use of the woods in its variety. With simple hardware but with a hint of farmhouse appliance style, the craftsman kitchen is best suited for those adore wooden surfaces.
8. Cottage Kitchen Remodel. A carefree, comfortable and cozy style kitchen. Vintage hardware, colors, soft in nature, wooden floors, accents that use brighter colors, such as curtains or accent walls or borders. The cottage kitchen is perfect for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles.
9. Classic kitchen Design. More use of white, cream colors and soft beiges, the classic kitchen has a simple architecture design. Personalized with accented dark appliances and decor, classic kitchens can easily be infused with any other style.
10. Mediterranean Tuscan Kitchen Design. Probably the most flared kitchen with arched cooking features, tiled print design back splashes, exotic hoods, and warm wood cabinets. This makes the Mediterranean kitchen the most eye popping and warm style.

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No matter what style of kitchen is most appealing to you, taking ideas from every style can complete a unique kitchen that is more fitting to your personality. If you find you are need of guidance, let the professionals help you along the way, skilled in painting and remodeling, our experts can give you the kitchen of your dreams! Call us today for your consultation in Houston, Spring, Cypress & Katy TX.

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