How to Prep, Tape & Paint Interior & Exterior Window & Door Trim, Casing, Sills & Frames in Cypress TX

The exterior paint on your house, if taken care of, will last quite a long time and look great. The trim around the windows and the doors is another story. The trim around these areas will not last as long and will start to wither away much faster. The trim has to be re-painted to ensure the up keep and attractive look of your home. Take a look around your home and see if you notice the cracking and chipping. If it is, there are some steps you can take to get it looking back to the original splendor. It is also a great opportunity to change up the color. The reason behind the need to update the trim paint is because the trim is made from wood which can be weathered over time. The weather will eat away at the wood even if it is sealed.

Arrows Painting & Remodeling has Steps you Can Take to Re-paint the Trim Around your Windows & Doors.

Painting Preparation: This is the very most important step. If you do a bad job and move quickly through it you will end up with a terrible paint job. The area that is being prepped is usually wood and will need to be sanded down. This will remove all the old paint that has been weathered and started to chip away. Make sure that you get in all the cracks and tight spaces. This will take some time to get it all done and done well so be ready for a long day. Be sure that if there are any areas where the trim is damaged itself that you take time to replace it and get it to match the rest of the trim. After you have done all the sanding and replacing the damaged pieces you want to go back over them and fill in the gaps with caulk. This will ensure that the end result is a smooth finish.
Taping & Painting Window Trim, Casing, Sills & Frames: This is the part that can be fun but more labor intensive than you might think. When you are painting a flat single wall it can be fairly simple. If you are painting the trim you are going to have a lot more work to do. You have to tape off the house side of the window to ensure that paint does not bleed over into the exterior house paint on the outside and the interior house paint on the inside. You also have to tape off the side where the window is so that you do not bleed paint on the window or glass. If you do get paint on these surfaces, it is not easy to get back off. After the taping off is done you want to brush on the paint that you have chosen and sometimes add a second coat. Be sure to use a paint that is for outdoor use so that it has some form of clear coat to withstand the weather better.

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