Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Houston, TX; No Prep, Painting in Rain or Wind, Using Inferior Paint & More

One of the tasks that will come up on any homeowners list is when to paint the exterior of your house. The issue is that you are seeing it on a daily basis as you come and go. That is why you may not notice that it is in need of new paint. The paint that is on the exterior of the house has been made to stand up against the weather and the sun. It is not made to last forever and it is a good idea to have your home painted when it is needed. The paint is actually a way to protect your home and secure it from water, sun and moisture. If you allow these things to get behind the paint where it is chipped or cracked it can start to cause damage to the home. When you have your home painted on the exterior you want to avoid making any mistakes. Arrows Painting & Renovations outlines exterior painting mistakes to avoid.

No Prep for Exterior Paint is a Mistake

When you go to have your home painted you want to make sure the home has been prepped. The paint is not a band aid for all issues you might have on the exterior walls and trim. It is important to ensure that any repairs that are needed to the exterior of the home are done before the paint goes on. There can be damage to the existing paint that means they are chipped and cracked. If you paint over the top of these areas the new paint will settle in the same cracks and chips and look the same as soon as it dries. You need to have these areas treated in advance. If you have any damaged siding, brick, eaves, or shutters they need to be repaired as well.

Using Poor Quality Exterior Paint

There are some homeowners that want to paint the exterior of the house but they want to do what they can to save some money. It can seem like getting a paint that is cheaper or that is not as expensive as some others is a good idea but that is not always the case. The paint that is being used on the exterior of the home should be made for exterior paint which stands up better for the elements. The other issue is that you want to make sure that you choose a high quality paint because it is not a simple task to re-paint the entire exterior of the home. When you choose a low grade paint you will end up needing to repaint the house sooner and it may not stand up to the elements creating damage.

Painting in the Rain or Windy Conditions is a Mistake

When it comes to painting the exterior of the house, the spring, summer and fall seasons are the best time of year to do that. You want to avoid having your home painted when there is adverse weather in the forecast. Rain and wind are bad for paint because it will not let the paint have the time that it needs to dry properly.

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